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How to request

   Obtaining a Burn Permit:

  • Open Burning in Nebraska is Banned Statewide

  • The local Fire Chief is allowed to waive the ban with permission to conduct burning.

  • To obtain an open burn permit, please call the fire station at 402-331-5369 and you will be directed to the appropriate person.

Rules Governing Burning

   Rules Governing Burning:

  • Open Burning in Nebraska is Banned Statewide

  1. The fire must be attended at all times, with sufficient means on hand to control the burning, until the fire has completely burned out. Burned brush, logs, and other solid materials must be covered with earth or thoroughly saturated with water before the attendant leaves the site.

  2. An area sufficient to prevent communication of fire beyond the burning site must be cleared before burning.

  3. There will be no burning when wind conditions exceed 15 miles per hour or during any other conditions which may exist to cause a hazardous conditions.

  4. An authorized Fire Department personnel or any Law Enforcement Officer can conduct an on-site inspection and may terminate this permit at any time.

  5. When a local ban on burning is put into effect by the Fire Chief, the permit will automatically be voided until such a ban is removed.

  6. Open burning will be allowed during the hours of 0600 and 2300 (6 AM to 11 PM) and must be completely extinguished by 2300.

  7. Absolutely no burning of rubber, creosote, shingles, tar paper, garbage, treated lumber or other items that may be harmful to the environment or cause noxious odors and smoke is allowed or authorized by this permit.

  8. Any fire, which is allowed to get out of control and results in summoning of the Fire Department, can be subject to possible legal action.

  9. Any open burning conducted without a valid permit can be subject to possible legal action.

  10. The Douglas County 911 center shall be notified of the location of the burning and the permit number. Call 402-444-5706 both before and after the burning has been completed.

  11. 81-520.02 Open burning ban; range-management burning; violations; penalty. Any person violating the statewide open burning ban established by section 81-520.01 or violating sections 81-520.03 to 81-520.05 shall be guilty of a Class IV misdemeanor.

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