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Currently Accepting Applications

for Rescue only and Fire/Rescue positions

Application Form
Application Process

Application Process

  1. Turn in Application – The application needs to be turned in before the posted deadline in order to be considered for that class. Ralston Fire holds applications for one year after they are turned in.

  2. Background Check – All applicants are placed through a background check. When the applicant passes the background check, they are moved onto the next section.

  3. Physical Agility – There are two different physical agility tests. There is one that is offered for EMS Only applicants and one offered for Firefighter/EMS applicants. These must be completed within the allotted time. If an applicant fails the agility two times, they are allowed to reapply in 12 months.

  4. Interview – A panel interview is conducted with members of the department, including the Training Chief and President. This interview is on a pass/fail basis with passing being a score of 70% out of 100%.

  5. Occupational Health Exam – Ralston Fire contracts with CHI Health Bergan Mercy Occupational Health for exams. The exam is done by a physician in order to ensure that all applicants are fit for duty.

  6. Approval by the Membership – Once all applicants have passed the above items, they are then brought up to the membership for approval. Since this is a volunteer fire department, major decisions are brought forth to the members for voting. When the membership approves the applicants, they are then probationary members of Ralston Fire.

Member Requirements

Member Requirements

At Ralston Fire, we strive to keep our members up-to-date on practices, have top notch training and provide an excellent service to the community. In order to do this, Ralston Fire has set standards for the membership.

  • Responding to calls

    • If you live within the response district, members may answer 10% of the calls for the month or clock in 40 volunteer hours per month

    • Members living outside of the response district must clock 40 volunteer hours per month

  • License Requirements

    • All members must hold and maintain a valid State of Nebraska EMT license after their first year of membership

    • For firefighters, all members must hold and maintain a State of Nebraska Firefighter 1 certification within their second year of membership

  • Training

    • All members must have 40 hours of documented training each fiscal year

      • 20 hours must be completed November 1 – April 30

      • 20 hours must be completed May 1 – October 31

Member Benefits

Benefits of Joining Ralston Fire

There are many benefits to joining RVFD.  Ralston Fire strives to provide a sense of brotherhood, determination and pride in our members. Members of Ralston Fire have the desire to provide the best department in the area. The benefits of joining are constantly being reevaluated and improving.

  • Weekly On-The-Job Training

  • Top of the Line Gear and Equipment

  • Firefighter 1 and EMT Training Provided

  • 401K Retirement Program

  • College Education Reimbursement

  • Reimbursement for Personal Equipment

  • No residency requirement

  • Pride and Brotherhood

Station Life

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